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Trimmer PA-22 Taildragger Conversion Kit
Trimmer PA-22 Taildragger Conversion Kit
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Conversion Fittings & Cabane Vee:

Heavy Duty Landing Gear:

Maule Oleo Struts:

Wheels and Brakes:

Alaskan Bushwheels:


Tri-Pacer Tailwheel Conversion Kit

This conversion kit was developed by Eddie Trimmer who holds the stc and UTILIZES aviation parts from airframes alaska to convert your tri-pacer into a backcountry taildragger

PA-20 / PA-22 Trimmer Cabane Vee & Conversion Fittings

  • Cabane Vee (CS-2000-4)
  • Oleo Strut Adapter (CS-2000-15)
  • Rear Gear Fitting Assembly (CS-2000-13)
  • Front Gear Fitting Assembly (CS-2000-12)

This heavy-duty Cabane Vee supports the Trimmer Aviation STC SA0234AK to convert a Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer into a taildragger with conventional gear using PA-18 3" extended gear and Maule oleo struts. Valid only with appropriate STC.

These fitting and adapters allow for use of PA-18 heavy duty landing gear and maul oleo struts to convert your Tri-Pacer into a taildragger. Fittings and adapters included are the Trimmer Front Gear Fitting Assembly(2), Trimmer Oleo Strut Adapter(2), Trimmer Rear Gear Fitting Assembly(2).

PA-18 Heavy Duty 1.5 Axle 3-Inch Extended Landing Gear

With CNC-machined attach points and multiple customizable features, Airframes Alaska PA-18 heavy duty landing gear are the strongest, most versatile landing systems for Super Cubs. Fully customize your heavy duty landing gear setup by choosing from these axle, length, step, and powder coating options:

Maule Oleo Struts

Maule Oleo Gear

Replacement oleo for standard length Maule gear. With an increased diameter of 1.5" from the standard 1.25" and addition of two internal braces, Airframes Alaska Maule gear have been strengthened to better endure adverse landing conditions. Other than these heavy duty alterations, gear and these oleos have an unchanged layout from the original factory-made Maule setup.

Maule Oleo Spring Pack

All original steel parts have been upgraded to 4130 Chromoly and the end fitting is now a machined piece rather than a tube with a strap welded around it.

Wheels and Brakes

ABI 199-62 (3-Bolt)

Designed for lighter aircraft the 3-bolt, 1 1/2" axle, aluminum is a PMA'd direct replacement for the Cleveland 199-62 wheel and brake kit. Kit comes with (2) ABI 40-75D 6" wheel assemblies and (2) ABI 30-52N brake assemblies (including bearings, races, bolts, etc).

ABI 199-62A (6-Bolt)

Designed for heavier aircraft the 6-bolt 1 1/2" aluminum is a PMA'd direct replacement for a Cleveland 199-62A wheel and brake kit. Kit includes (2) ABI 40-75T 6" wheel assemblies and (2) ABI 30-52N brake assemblies (including bearings, races, bolts, etc).

Alaskan Bushwheels


Airstreaks were developed for pilots that fly a mixture of paved and off airport landings. Airstreaks come in 26-inch and 29-inch tires featuring a lightweight and tubeless design with a heavier tread reducing wear on pavement.

Alaskan Bushwheels

The Alaskan Bushwheel is a staple of backcountry flying and is designed for landing in remote off airport location. They come in 26, 29, 31, and 35 Inch tires.

Trimmer Aviation STC SA02345AK

This STC is for the PA-16, PA-20, PA-22/20 and will allow the conversion from Tri-Pacer to Tail Dragger with conventional gear. This is the PA-18 three inch extended gear with Maule oleo struts. The STC was issued June 30, 2009.

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