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Ultimate Alaskan PA-18 Bush Fuselage
Airframes Alaska Fuselages Ultimate Alaskan PA-18 Bush Fuselage
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PRICE: $21,058.00
ID: 4361462
Division: AA LLC
Department: Fuselages

Availability: Call to Order


For years the sales staff and fabricators at Airframes Alaska have fabricated fuselages for real working bush pilots in Alaska. These pilots live in the air and the backcountry, hauling hunters, mountaineers, travelers, and cargo into the heart of faraway places. They do the kind of flying that most PA-18 owners dream of when embarking on a bush plane build. The thousands of hours we’ve spent making these workhorse fuselages have given us first-hand knowledge that no other Piper Cub airframe fabricator in the industry can offer.

What’s the result? The Ultimate Alaskan PA-18 Bush Fuselage. Light, strong, and capable, this stock airframe has no more or less than exactly what’s necessary for real bush flying.

The 103-lb Ultimate Alaskan comes standard with 12 handpicked PA-18 fuselage mods chosen specifically for functionality and safety in the bush:

- Willow Mountain Ranch Frame - Delivers 3.3 cubic feet more baggage space than a standard fuselage, enough to fit a 35-quart cooler, while reducing the total fuselage weight by 4.7 lbs.
- L-21 Windows - Lets in more light and expands passenger visibility from the rear seat; an ideal setup for spotting fish and game.
- Upper and Lower Doors - Custom fit by our fabricators.
- GW Kit Increase - Adds cross bar required for the Wipaire 2,000 lb Gross Weight Increase STC.
- Metal Tube Stringers - Reinforces the top deck and overall frame structure.
- Upper Baggage Door Frame - Adds baggage space.
- Extra Large Baggage Door Frame - Expands access to baggage space.
- Metal Belly Tabs (last 4 feet) - Simplifies access to tail surface cables and pulleys.
- Shoulder Harness Tab (passenger) - Increases safety.
- Shoulder Harness Tab (pilot) - Increases safety.
- Extra Large Brake Booster Tabs - Ensures a more firmly secured brake cylinder.
- Floor Seat Belt Tabs - Increases safety.
- High Heat Nuts (on seat belt tab) - Streamlines installation and removal of seat belts.

Along with these bush plane mods, the Ultimate Alaskan also features the key components from our standard fuselage.

Note: The Ultimate Alaskan is a streamlined stock PA-18 fuselage option. Bush pilots like it that way. STCs, doors, and additional finishing options like powder coating are available. Give us a call for cost and weight figures.

Shipping Note: The website cannot quote shipping on PA-18 fuselages. We put every fuselage shipment out to bid in an effort to achieve the best price for our customers. Fuselages are shipped in either a crate or on a skid with metal roll bars. The skid is lighter and usually results in a better shipping quote. The crate, however, offers more protection. The decision comes down to carrier requirements and the distance the frame needs to travel. Shipping a fuselage usually costs between $1000 and $2000.

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