Similar to Alaska Tent and Tarp, Airframes Alaska takes pride in keeping the brand authentically Alaskan by providing handcrafted, high quality products that are built to withstand any adventure. The uniting of Airframes Alaska x Alaska Tent and Tarp x Arctic Oven will bring a new wave of backcountry gear innovation. Airframes Alaska will further develop the product lines with the goal of making the world's best backcountry essentials.

Our Customers

Airframes Alaska proudly supports the outdoor recreation community in Alaska and throughout the world. Our mission is to provide strong and safe products to bush pilots and outdoor enthusiasts who are pursuing adventure in the backcountry. Whether you are a bush pilot, hunter, researcher, or guide; the expansion of Airframes Alaska will allow backcountry enthusiasts to dive deeper into their journeys.


We Fabricate Bush Plane Parts

Airframes Alaska specializes in welded assemblies for bush planes such as the PA-18 style aircraft. We are known for the fabrication of 3 Place and 4 Place Super Cub fuselages for bush pilots in Alaska and beyond. We also make certified parts that supply bush pilots and their aircrafts the capability to access the most remote places in the backcountry. See our Fuselages >>

We Build Alaskan Bushwheels

Alaskan Bushwheels give pilots the opportunity to explore rugged areas all over the world. Handmade locally and field tested in the Bush of Alaska, our tires are uncommonly pliable and tubeless. We machine, and/or assemble every item in the Alaskan Bushwheel family of products , which includes Baby Bushwheel tailwheels, ABI wheel and brake assemblies, and your Alaskan Bushwheels. Land high up in pristine alpine, rocky tundra, or down on the smooth beach sandbars, the destinations are endless. See our Bushwheels >>

We Design and Build Outdoor Gear

Arctic Oven Tents: Built to withstand the most extreme conditions in any environment, Arctic Oven tents are used by adventurers year-round. Known for the ability to withstand brutal weather, Arctic Oven tents are trusted by casual campers to Arctic explorers. By integrating aviation engineering with superior craftsmanship, we have developed the most advanced shelter system for every outdoor pursuit. See our latest design, the Nunatak >>

Northern Sled Works:
We design and build sleds to withstand harsh Arctic elements. Built in the "Far North" of Alaska, these sleds are made for freight hauling across ice and tundra, adventure racing through mountainous terrain, and for harvesting of natural resources and big game. See Sleds

We Provide Aviation Hardware

We offer more than nuts and bolts. Derived from the famous Alaskan aviation pioneer, Bob Reeve, the owner of an aviation hardware supply shop in Anchorage since 1950, Reeve’s has been the go-to airplane hardware supply shop in Alaska. With the new renovations and the integration of Airframes Alaska, we’ve created the ultimate backcountry aviation retailer. Now offering McFarlane Aviation Products at our Anchorage and Palmer retail locations.

We Offer Industrial Solutions

Our industrial capabilities range from environmental containment solutions to portable structures fit for your specific project. We offer solutions for energy, government, healthcare, and many other sectors seeking industrial needs. We now operate this division as TundraTech Alaska. Call our specialists for a quote, 907-331-4209.



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