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Hydraulic Component Covers

Winter can be tough on your equipment, especially when fluid within the equipment has the potential of freezing, causing damage and downtime. We specialize in custom covers that keep your equipment protected from the frigid cold temperatures and extreme conditions faced in Alaska.

Hydraulic Ram (Boom) Covers are designed to wrap around the boom to aid in keeping the hydraulic fluid warm. We use an arctic grade black vinyl material with a cold crack temperature of -65 degrees F to ensure functionality in all temperatures. The cover is insulated using double bubble Reflectix® and is equipped with web straps and spring buckles to secure the cover to the boom. We have included web loops on the inside of the cover to allow the heat trace to be easily installed or replaced. Boom covers are all made custom based on the size of your equipment. Give us a call to set up a site visit to get accurate measurements.

Hydraulic Tank Covers are used in the winter months to help keep hydraulic fluid warm and flowing smoothly. Only the best materials are used in our tank covers. We use two different types of insulating material based on the needs of the customer: double bubble Reflectix® or polyester batting insulation. Each of our hydraulic tank covers has a fill cap opening for easy access to the tank and use either Velcro® or web straps to secure the cover.