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DEF Tank Covers

Operating diesel-powered vehicles during the winter months in Alaska often requires unique solutions to avoid cold-related problems. Our Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank Covers are just one product that will help keep your vehicle in good working order regardless of temperature. Our covers will aid in keeping the urea fluid in a 100% liquid state and allows the fluid to regenerate at the correct temperature. Without the security of one of our DEF tank covers, the urea fluid may not regenerate properly, causing the holes in the DPS filter to start to clog. Too much clogging and the engine will derate (lose power). Maintenance required on engines that derate can be costly and labor intensive.

Our DEF tank covers are made out of durable materials that have been proven season after season in the cold Alaskan temperatures. Materials include:

- Arctic grade black vinyl material with a cold crack temperature of -65 degrees F.

- Double Bubble Reflectix® to radiate heat back to the tank.

- Polyester batting insulation to keep out the cold air.

- Heavy duty web, buckles and Velcro®.

We offer three sizes of DEF tank covers: 9”, 17” and 26”. Our insulated covers have a flap that allows access to the fill cap. The cover has a Velcro® opening on the side for easy installation and a web strap in the back to secure the cover. We include a “DO NOT STEP” sign on the top of the cover.