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Custom Tarps

We specialize in creating tarps that are built tough for tough Alaskan conditions. Since the company started in the late 1940’s, we have been the premier supplier of tarps in Alaska. Our tarps are perfect for keeping the rain and snow off of your valuables. They are also great in many commercial applications, including: truckload covers, asphalt covers, mesh garbage covers, and side-dump covers. We also make standard tarps made in various sizes from canvas or vinyl. These high quality tarps can be made in any custom size or configuration. Our experience in manufacturing tarps sets them in a class of their own.

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T45545 T45545

Poly Tarp 10X10

PRICE: $18.00
T45550 T45550

Poly Tarp 12X20

PRICE: $42.00
T40204 T40204

5X7 10-Oz Odfr Tarp

PRICE: $50.00
T40591 T40591

5X7 10-Oz Fr Tarp

PRICE: $50.00
T45555 T45555

Poly Tarp 16X20

PRICE: $55.00
T40212 T40212

6X8 10-Oz Odfr Tarp

PRICE: $60.00
T40593 T40593

6X8 10-Oz Fr Tarp

PRICE: $60.00
T40501 T40501

8X10 10-Oz Nat Tarp

PRICE: $65.00
T45557 T45557

Poly Tarp 20X20

PRICE: $70.00
T40220 T40220

7X9 10-Oz Odfr Tarp

PRICE: $75.00
T40527 T40527

10X12 10-Oz Nat Tarp

PRICE: $75.00
T40595 T40595

7X9 10-Oz Fr Tarp

PRICE: $75.00
T45560 T45560

Poly Tarp 20X24

PRICE: $82.00
T40535 T40535

12X14 10-Oz Nat Tarp

PRICE: $90.00
T40246 T40246

8X10 10-Oz Odfr Tarp

PRICE: $95.00
T40600 T40600

8X10 10-Oz Fr Tarp

PRICE: $95.00
T45561 T45561

Poly Tarp 24X24

PRICE: $95.00
X09075 X09075

8218 tarp 55 inch  x 65 inch  alaska waste

PRICE: $100.00
T45562 T45562

Poly Tarp 20X30

PRICE: $105.00
T40261 T40261

10X12 10-Oz Odfr Tarp

PRICE: $125.00
T40626 T40626

10X12 10-Oz Fr Tarp

PRICE: $125.00
T45564 T45564

Poly Tarp 20X40

PRICE: $140.00
T40287 T40287

12X14 10-Oz Odfr Tarp

PRICE: $155.00
T40642 T40642

12X14 10-Oz Fr Tarp

PRICE: $155.00
T40290 T40290

12X14 #10 Odfr Duck Tarp

PRICE: $180.00
T40303 T40303

14X16 10-Oz Odfr Tarp

PRICE: $185.00
T40315 T40315

10X20 10-Oz Odfr Tarp

PRICE: $220.00
T40328 T40328

10X20 12-Oz Odfr Tarp

PRICE: $245.00
T40329 T40329

15X20 12-Oz Odfr Tarp

PRICE: $295.00
T40345 T40345

20X20 12-Oz Odfr Tarp

PRICE: $395.00
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