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Sheet metal Stoves

Lightweight Fire Box

Our sheet metal stoves are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for backcountry travel. Maximize your hot tents and wall tents with these efficient wood burning stoves.

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Trekker Stove Deluxe Package Trekker Stove Package

Lightweight with minimal footprint with great burning efficiency. The Trekker Stove Package is the perfect fit for our mid-range tents like the Arctic Oven 10, Igloo, and Nunatak.

PRICE: $383.00
Alaskan Stove Deluxe Package Alaskan Stove Package

A lighter sheetmetal stove. The Alaskan Stove Package is burns long and efficiently, warming our large tents such as the Arctic Oven 12, 12x18, 12x24, and the Great Nunatak.

PRICE: $410.00